Claire Cardie and Thorsten Joachims, two faculty members here in Information Science, are among several CIS scholars who recently picked up Google Faculty Research Awards.

Cardie, a professor in both Information Science and Computer Science, received the Award in the Natural Language Processing category.

Joachims, also a professor in Information Science and Computer Science, was recognized in the category for Information Retrieval and Real Time Content. His research – “Counterfactual Learning with Estimated Propensities” – addresses what-if questions pertaining to search engines. Per Cornell Computer Science’s write-up:  “‘what if I make a specific change to the ranking function of my search engine, will that enable users to find what they want faster?’” Instead of actually having to try this change on a fraction of the users online, the research develops causal inference techniques that can reuse historic log data to answer these questions offline.”

Google received 910 submissions for Research Awards, and 158 were funded

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