We’re pleased to offer MPS students the opportunity to apply for an MPS Conference Travel Grant. We will award a limited number of grants each semester. The intent of the grant is to help facilitate our students’ involvement in professional and scholarly communities across different areas of information science, and also to increase the visibility of our program through networking. The award will help cover a modest amount of conference fees, travel, and lodging expenses.

In order to apply for these funds, you must send Olivia Howarth (oah23@cornell.edu) and Gilly Leshed (gl87@cornell.edu), director of the MPS program, a one-page statement of why you are attending, your C.V., proof of acceptance/invite, and completed MPS Student Conference Travel Grant form. The statement should not exceed 350 words, and include the following:

  • The name, dates, and location of the conference
  • Your status at the conference, e.g. presenter, panelist, attendee, etc.
  • How attending the conference will contribute to your career development
  • What you’ll do at the conference to help promote the MPS program

Applications must be submitted 6 weeks before the conference travel date.

Travel and lodging receipts must be submitted within 30 days of your return to Olivia Howarth (oah23@cornell.edu). If you need a travel advance to help purchase plane tickets, please contact Olivia Howarth. All travel and lodging arrangements are made by the student.