This concentration explores computing as a cultural phenomenon. It equips students to analyze technology's role in society and culture, to understand it historically, and to produce media artifacts. 

Some faculty members whose research is related to this concentration include: Chris CsíkszentmihályiTarleton GillespieSteve JacksonPhoebe Sengers, and Gili Vidan

Career Paths

  • Media scholars
  • Media artists 
  • Critical makers
  • Students of critical oriented design master's program (e.g. NYU, ITP, RCA Design Interactions)

Digital Culture and Production courses

This concentration can be completed by following either of the two options below (starting January 2021*):

One course each from A, B, and C; an additional course from C.
One course each from A and B; 2 additional courses from A.

(old requirements: applies to students who are in the process of completing these requirements who began prior to January 2021)

  1. One course each from A, B, and C; an additional course from A or C.
  2. One course each from A and B; 2 additional courses from A or C.

For the Media, Art, Design component: Any ARCH elective course or option studio at the 3000 level or higher that addresses Information Technology as a significant component can work for this portion. Students should visit the AAP section of the course roster to identify courses that fulfill the criteria. 

Please reference the Cornell Class Roster for details on the courses below.

A. Digital Culture and History

  • INFO 2921: Inventing an Information Society
  • INFO 3200: Technology, Behavior, and Society (Priovusly: New Media and Society)
  • INFO 3561: Computing Cultures
  • INFO 4260: Computing on Earth: Planetary Dimensions and Consequence of Computing
  • INFO 4940: Special Topics - U.S. Copyright Law
  • INFO 4940: Special Topics - Clockwork: Infrastructure, Work, and Time
  • INFO 4940: Special Topics - Law, Policy, and Politics of Cybersecurity
  • STS 3440: The Data Science & Society Lab
  • STS 4040: Due Process Clinic

B. Digital Production

  • INFO 2300: Intermediate Design and Programming for the Web
  • INFO 2310: Interactive Web Application Design and Development
  • INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Design
  • INFO 3300: Visual Data Analytics for the Web (previously Data-Driven Web Applications)
  • INFO 4320: Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing
  • CS 3758: Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • CS 4620: Introduction to Computer Graphics

C. Media, Art, Design

  • INFO 2750: Robot Ethics
  • INFO 3450: Human-Computer Interaction Design
  • INFO 3660: History and Theory of Digital Art
  • INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Design
  • INFO 4240: Designing Technology for Social Impact
  • INFO 4400: Qualitative User Research and Design Methods
  • INFO 4420: Human Computer Interaction Studio
  • ​INFO 4940: Special Topics - Human Centered Design and Engaged Media
  • ​INFO 4940: Special Topics - Technology and Social Change Practicum
  • ​INFO 4940: Special Topics - Good Tech, Bad Tech
  • ​INFO 4940: Special Topics - Design Thinking, Media, and Community
  • ART 3705: Digital Media: Art in the Age of Networks
  • ARTH 4151: Topics in Media Arts
  • ARTH 4154: Feminism, Post-Feminism, and Cyberfeminism
  • COML 3115: Video and New Media: Art, Theory, Politics
  • HIST 2293: Digital History