Information Science is one of the fastest growing and cutting edge majors offered at Cornell University. The Information Science Student Association (ISSA) is here to improve the student experience and spread the word about the major. The ISSA plans networking events, social events, corporate information sessions and tech talks with faculty. 

Cornell's Information Science program offers an interdisciplinary major that examines information systems in their social and human contexts. Computer Science is an integral part of the program, but the emphasis is on systems and their use, rather than on the technologies that underlie them. 

Who We Are

The goals of the ISSA are:

  • To connect Information Science (IS) and Information Science, Systems, and Technology (ISST) students with one another and with faculty through special events and activities.
  • To serve as a bridge between current students and alumni.
  • To provide students with information regarding career opportunities, internships, graduate schools, professional associations, and research opportunities in the field of information science and technology through web based and print resources and information sessions.
  • To inform others, both inside and outside of Cornell, of the IS and ISST majors.

2023-2024 Officers

Co-President: Hermione Bossolina

Vice President: Chris Walkowiak

Treasurer + Academic Chair: Tairan Zhang

Academic Chair: Grace Xiao

Brand Director: Cynthia Lei

Advisor: Daisy Tseng

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