This concentration provides students with the analytical and technical skills they need to design and build functional technical systems.

The core course related to this concentration is INFO 1300: Introductory Design and Programming for the Web. CS 2110: Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures is a required course for this concentration. 

Some faculty members whose research is related to this concentration include: Chris CsíkszentmihályiGilly LeshedFrancois GuimbretiereKyle HarmsWendy JuMalte Jung, Rajalakshmi NandakumarAditya VashisthaQian Yang, and Cheng Zhang.

Career Paths

  • Students interested in the hardware and software aspects of computation and interested in building novel tools and interaction mechanisms that could be used to tackle big societal issues. 
  • Example career paths: (i) Founding a novel wearable startup (ii) part of the development team for Apple's iWatch and their future devices (iii) Graduate study at MIT Media Lab, CornellTech or similar inter-disciplinary programs.

Interactive Technologies Courses

Please reference the Cornell Class Roster for details on the courses below.

Required Course

  • CS 2110: Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures

A. Building with Hardware (choose one) 

  • INFO 4120: Ubiquitous Computing
  • INFO 4320: Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing
  • CS 3758: Autonomous Mobile Robots

B. Working with Data/Software (choose one) 

  • INFO 3300: Visual Data Analytics for the Web (previously Data-Driven Web Applications)
  • INFO 4340 App Design and Prototyping
  • INFO 4555: Business Intelligence Systems
  • CS 4620: Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CS 3780 (previously 4780): Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems
  • CS 4786: Machine Learning for Data Science
  • CS 5150: Software Engineering
  • ORIE 3120: Practical Tools for Operations Research, Machine Learning and Data Science
  • ORIE 4740: Statistical Data Mining I
  • ORIE 3741 (previously 4741): Learning with Big Messy Data
  • STSCI 3740 (previously 4740): Data Mining and Machine Learning

C. Context/Application Domains (choose one) 

  • INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Design
  • INFO 4154: Analytics-driven Game Design
  • INFO 4275: Novel Interaction Techniques
  • INFO 4310: Interactive Information Visualization
  • INFO 4410: Re-Designing Robots
  • INFO 4430: Teams and Technology
  • INFO 4505: Computing and Global Development
  • INFO 4940: Special Topics - Human-AI Interaction Design Research
  • CS 4752: Robotic Manipulation