The list below comprises the core course requirements for the major in Information Science, Systems, and Technology in the College of Engineering. Where options in the core courses exist, the choice will depend on the student's interests and planned advanced courses for the selected primary and secondary concentrations. Please reference the Cornell Class Roster for detailed information about these courses.

Core Courses

  • INFO 1200: Information Ethics, Law, and Policy*
  • INFO 1260: Choices and Consequences in Computing*
  • ORIE 3500: Engineering Probability and Statistics II
  • INFO 2300: Intermediate Design and Programming for the Web  or INFO 2310: Interactive Web Application Design and Development (*INFO 1300 prerequisite strongly recommended for both courses)
  • ORIE 3120: Practical Tools for Operations Research, Machine Learning and Data Science
  • INFO 2040: Networks
  • INFO 2450: Communication and Technology or ENGRC 3350: Communications for Engineering Managers
  • One course in Data Science and Machine Learning: ORIE 4740, ORIE 4741, CS 4780, CS 4786, STSCI 4740

Note: Courses taken to satisfy the core course requirements may not be used to fulfill the concentration requirements.

​*Students can take INFO 1200 or INFO 1260 to meet the core requirement. Both courses count for credit but only one is needed to meet the core requirement. INFO 1260 will not count for the engineering communication requirement. INFO 1200 will no longer count for the engineering communication requirement after Summer 2024.