The Information Science Graduate Student Association (ISGSA) consists of a number of positions that provide IS grad students with representation and involvement in academic activities at both the department and university levels. The ISGSA also strives to encourage balance between academic and social life by promoting socialization among graduate students through sponsorship of professional and recreational events.


President: Ruth Martinez-Yepes

Vice President: Daniel Mwesigwa

Treasurer: Shu-Jung Han, Jonathan Segal

Department Representation

Admission Representatives: Dhruv Agrawal (Ithaca) and Tauhid Tanjim (Cornell Tech)

Hiring Representative: Jose Guridi Bustos, Ben Laufer

Cornell Tech Liason: TBD

University Representation

GPSA Representative: TBA

Coordination & Event Planning

Social Chair: Ayana Monroe

IS Seminar/Colloquium Coordinator: Farhana Shahi (Ithaca)

Broadening Participation Representatives: Pelinsu Ciftcioglu

Staff Support Person

Barbara Woske

Associate Director of Graduate Programs
522 Rhodes Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853