Below are the four optional focus areas: Data Science, Interactive Technology, UX Design, and Networks, Crowds and Markets. A framework designed to help MPS students structure their studies, these focus areas contain a mix of Information Systems category and Human and Social Systems category courses. MPS students are required to take 9 credits of Information Systems and 9 credits of Human and Social Systems and may take no more than 9 credits of approved electives. See the Requirements page for more information.

See this Google Sheet for a list of all MPS courses. To customize your course search, use the filtering tool: click "Data" in the upper toolbar and select "Filter Views." Please note that the filter views only work on a desktop browser, not on mobile devices.

Data Science

Analyzing data to learn about the world

Learn to analyze large amounts of data using data mining techniques and strong programming skills. Identify relevant questions, capture, process and analyze data from multiple sources to help answer the questions, and organize and communicate the results for effective decision making. 

Interactive Technologies

Designing and building systems

Learn to design and build functional technical systems. Develop the technical skills needed to build novel interactive tools, both hardware and software, in various domains: health, education, business, and more. 


Studying and designing interfaces

Learn to design and develop technology products from a human-centered perspective, providing users with meaningful experiences and a positive impact on society at large. Develop the skills needed to apply user research methods, product design, and creating successful interactive products.

Networks, Crowds, and Markets

Modeling decision-making and policy

Learn to analyze and understand online social systems, human behavior, and decision making in interconnected systems. Apply formal models, data and policy issues drawn from economics, sociology, computer science, mathematics, ethics, and law to analyze and design networked online systems. 


Electives are courses that fall outside of the Information Systems and Human and Social Systems categories but still count toward your 30 credit requirement. You may choose to take 0-9 credits worth of electives. If you find a 5000+ level course you are interesed in taking but is not on the pre-approved list, please email the Director of the MPS program, Gilly Leshed, with the course ID, course name, course description found in the Cornell Class Roster, and justification on why you want to take the course and its relevancy to your MPS degree.