I’m from Beijing, China (as the beautiful photo of the Forbidden City above suggested).

Currently, I’m a M.S. student at University of Washington in Ubicomp Lab and Patient As Safeguard team. In the past, I completed my undergraduate education at Georgia Tech under the guidance of Dr. Hang Lu and Dr. Eric Schumacher. I was also a Prototyping Instructor at Invention Studio.

I have diverse experience in both academia and industry for physiology, computer vision, machine learning, signal processing, physical prototyping and user study.

I want to impact the future of healthcare by making healthcare more personalized and more effective through close monitoring of disease progression and seamless, intelligent ways to engage user in self-care. To do so, I'm interested in develop novel, human-centric sensing systems and personalized intervention. 

My research experiences are the intersection of healthcare, mobile and wearable sensing, machine learning and human-computer interaction. Specifically, I've focused on developing:

sensing techniques for physiological signs and disease progression
algorithms for sports training and user-context awareness
design guidelines for human-centered information representation tool