Matthew Wilkens is associate professor of information science. He uses quantitative and computational methods to study large-scale developments in literary and cultural history. His work has focused in particular on literary text mining, geolocation extraction, genre detection, and the cross-pollination of critical and social-scientific methods. He is the director of the Textual Geographies project, a co-investigator of the Text Mining the Novel project, a founding editorial board member of the Journal of Cultural Analytics, and the author of Revolution: The Event in Postwar Fiction.

Prior to arriving at Cornell, Wilkens taught at the University of Notre Dame, where he was Ruth and Paul Idzik Associate Professor in Digital Scholarship, and at Wayne State University. He received his PhD in Literature from Duke University, master's degrees in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and in physical chemistry from the University of California-Berkeley, and a bachelor's degree in chemistry and philosophy from the College of William and Mary.