Please join us for the Information Science Department Colloquium with IS Faculty speakers, Tanzeem Choudhury, Dan Cosley, and François Guimbretière in a special Internal Panel Discussion on HCI.

Title: Why Do We Build?

Abstract: In this panel discussion, these three IS Faculty will use their own experiences to help people see why they value building work in HCI, what they think good work in the space looks like, and how they think it connects to the broader space of Information Science. 

They'll spend 30 minutes on discussion and have 30 minutes for questions -- if you have questions you know you'd like to ask and want them to ponder in advance, feel free to send all questions to

More Information on the Panelists:

* Tanzeem Choudhury builds novel wearables and mobile systems for capturing and influencing everyday human behaviors. Along with her group of amazing students, Tanzeem is working on inventing the future of technology-assisted wellbeing.
* Dan Cosley builds social media systems that support new interactions with information; the goal is to help both individuals and communities be healthier and more self-aware.
* François Guimbretière builds software and hardware prototypes to evaluate how new technology could change the way we interact with computers. His areas of interest include digital documents annotations, and rapid prototyping among others.