Join us for a special edition of the Tech/Law Colloquium, with a screening of Assia Boundaoui's new film, "The Feeling of Being Watched", followed by a Q&A with Assia.

About the film: In an Arab-American neighborhood outside of Chicago, most residents think they have been under surveillance for over a decade. And they were right. Code-named “Operation Vulgar Betrayal,” the residents of Bridgeview, Illinois were subject to the largest counterterrorism investigations ever conducted in the U.S. pre-9/11. With unprecedented access, The Feeling of Being Watched weaves the personal and the political as it follows filmmaker Assia Boundaoui’s examination of why her community fell under blanket government surveillance. Assia struggles to disrupt the government secrecy shrouding what happened and takes the FBI to federal court to compel them to make the records they collected about her community public. In the process, she confronts long-hidden truths about the FBI’s relationship to her community. The film follows Assia as she pieces together this secret FBI operation, while grappling with the effects of a lifetime of surveillance on herself and her family. Watch the trailer here.

This event is co-sponsored by Media Studies and Cornell Cinema