Job Description

E is the lab manager for Communications and Collaborative Technologies Lab, headed by Dr. Susan Fussell. E is responsible for research assistant recruitment, research assistant training and project assignment. E is also responsible for supervising lab equipment and resources, organizing lab related activities, and other lab management duties.

Work Schedule Fall 2023 semester

                Monday              Remote              
                Tuesday              Remote 12pm – 4:30 pm  EST               
                Wednesday        Remote 11:30am – 4:30 pm  EST        
                Thursday            Remote 12pm – 4:30 pm  EST               
                Friday                  Remote


May be requested by email at or via Outlook calendar invitation. I am also available to meet, chat or send a message on Microsoft Teams


Prior to coming to Cornell Elijah served in the United States Marines Corps (1998 - 2003), co-founded and operated SUNY Broome's internet radio station the HiVE (2013), and was a radio producer and personality. He is a digital artist, filmmaker, and electronic musician. Currently he is founder and president of the ElectroZone, a 501 c3 non-profit artist’s charity devoted to inspiring creative acts and events.

Elijah is the manager of the Communication and Collaborative Technologies Lab (220 Gates Hall). He has degrees in Communication (Cornell B.S. 2016) and Information Science (Cornell MPS 2017). He first joined the Communication and Collaborative Technologies Lab as in undergraduate student in 2015 and became lab manager in 2016. In addition to his duties as lab manager, Elijah researches telepresence robots. He is developing strategies to effectively deploy telepresence robots in outdoor environments, designing accessibility strategies and tools for telepresence robots, and examining human teleprsence robot interaction in the field. Currently, his work is focused on increasing the use and usability of telepresence robots and researching tools and techniques to identify misinformation.