Lilach Alon is a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell Ithaca campus since July 1st 2021, working with Professor Rene Kizilcec and focusing on Active Learning. She supports faculty in innovating teaching practice, assisting faculty in course development, and promoting the design and application of the research program for the IS ALI.

Her research focuses on personal information management (PIM) and active learning practices, particularly among minorities in higher education. During her PhD, she examined people’s PIM behavior in the current, information-overloaded era, bringing into the discussion their affective aspects. Her research was published in several leading journals, such as Computer in Human Behavior and the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, and has led to a new view of the gaps between actual and ideal PIM behavior. 

Lilach completed her PhD in Education at Tel Aviv University, following her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Literature and her Master’s degree in Educational Technologies, both at the Open University of Israel.